Mistakes Made While Playing Craps

Playing Craps

Understanding a particular game takes time, and that does not mean you memorise the games and regulations. The game evolves with every turn, and you must make sure to maintain the attention span for a long time. When people ignore such facts, they are bound to create mistakes and eventually end up losing. So, to avoid such situations in the game, here are some of those frequent mistakes that you need to avoid.


The Pass Line


Ignoring the past line is one of the biggest mistakes that one can commit in the game. Never pass and don’t come bets as they are the best ones in the house and should be the only ones that place your money. They also come with a house edge of about 14 per cent and avoiding them makes you look like a fool.

Trend Betting

Trend Betting


Many people have the wrong conception about betting on-trend bets, and that is another mistake that you need to avoid as soon as possible. Players all around have the tendency to bet on trends as they believe that it will turn their gameplay into a fortune. Although the game runs on possibilities, there are certain moves that turn out to be apparent mistakes. As trends turn and disappear in time, you must be aware about the places where you need to place your bets.


Box Numbers


Placing bets on box numbers are not better than come bets with odds. Get this thought straight into your head and make sure to avoid it at all costs. As the house edge disappears after every decision you make, players often tend to forget about reality. So by placing bets on the box number you are making the biggest mistake at losing and once you make that decision, you cannot ignore it.




When a player is rolling the dice, you need to leave him/her alone and avoid situations where you bother them during the process. If a player has been doing great at the game, there is no harm in appreciating their efforts, but when they are playing, you need to avoid greeting or shouting at their ears. Casino etiquette is not a funny concept that you must ignore. Instead, it is something that you need to follow.


Your Hands


As mentioned earlier, mannerisms and etiquette are concepts that you need to follow. Keeping your hands to yourself is the most essential thing that you need to follow and throwing them over the table is the most critical thing that you need to avoid. Hence, be the person who follows rules and regulations and not the person who avoids them. So in that regard, have a fun and exciting game.




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